Scholarship Program

Rev. Monsignor John J. Synnott Corporation Scholarship Program

1.0     Scholarship Objective:

1.1     Promote catholic education in grades Pre-K through 12.

1.2     Assist council members in the affordability of enrolling their children in a catholic school.


2.0     Eligibility:

2.1     All members of Knights of Columbus, council 2336, in good standing (current on dues and possess a current membership card) are eligible to apply for all school aged children for who they are a parent or legal guardian.

2.2     Applications will be accepted January 1st through March 31st for the upcoming school year.

2.2.1   Notice of the application period will be sent out with the annual membership notices.

2.3     Widows of brother Knights, who were a member in good standing, may apply for the deceased member’s school aged children.

2.4     Late applications will be waitlisted in the event funds are made available later in the year.


3.0     Scholarship Awards:

3.1     The total annual scholarship fund will be equally divided by the number of qualified applicants for given school year.

3.2     Applicants will be notified by mail of the financial commitment by May 1st.

3.3     Payments will be made by the corporation directly to the catholic school of their choice, on the applicant’s behalf, on August 1st.

3.4     In the event a family makes the decision to forgo the award, the funds will be retained by the corporation and granted to waitlisted applicants on a first come, first serve basis.

3.4.1   If awards are not used, they will be added to the next year’s fund.

3.5     Scholarship awards granted in any year are not a guarantee of future awards and are based on the policies stated herein.


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