Parent Testimonials

St. Joseph school has provided a quality education for our two children. Mina and Donald have been challenged, nurtured, and given a solid educational foundation. The St. Joseph’s family has also provided a strong moral compass. The combination of excellent education and a sense of ethics has helped reinforce our family’s commitment to using our talents to benefit the entire community through service and advocacy.
~ Jeff and Barbara Crouch

St. Joseph school is a great school for my family because it is a welcoming community that allows children to grow with the knowledge of their faith, morals, and other core subjects in a safe, loving environment. Over the years families have built lasting friendships that has strengthened the school community.
~ Kim Feeney

Belanger Smith family

Our children are 3rd generation students at St. Joseph School in Baltic. We feel that the education they receive is the best that we can provide for them! We have nothing but praise for the important work St. Joseph School does in preparing our children for this world and the next. They will forever have the moral compass that will always point them back to God and the Church, along with an excellent primary education!
~ Dave & Dana Smith


St. Joseph School Baltic was one of the most important and best decisions we have made for our children. The school has a dedicated faculty who genuinely care about every student, both their academic & spiritual growth. St. Joseph School promotes active learning and critical thinking that cultivates a collaborative learning environment, yet also instills values of discipline, hard work, and respect for others.
~ Dave & Beth Wigfield

St. Joseph School is a valuable asset to our family. From the teachers and staff to the intimate classroom setting, we love the family-centric community. The principles and ideals taught at St. Joseph School create a strong foundation for our family.
~ Matt & Caron Smith


Finding St. Joseph School in Baltic was truly an answer to our prayers. The small class size, stellar academic program and individualized attention were prominent factors in our decision to send our boys there. We feel confident every day, knowing that our children are surrounded by caring and respectful teachers, staff and peers, in a safe and enjoyable learning environment. Daily access to the tenants of our Catholic faith, a rich prayer life and an emphasis on the importance of the Sacraments made St. Joseph’s the easiest and best choice for our family.
~ Rob & Angela Landolphi

CollinsSaint Joseph School is a welcoming family that recognizes the individuality of each student while challenging them to learn and grow.
~ Linda Collins

WisniewskiSaint Joseph School in Baltic was the best choice we could make for our daughters. It is a wonder­ful loving and nurturing learning environment. The teachers have imparted such a love of religion and academics to our daughters.
Saint Joseph School offers our daughters an excellence in education that we don’t think we would have found anywhere else.
~ Paul & Julie Wisniewski

FitzGeraldSt. Joseph School has proven itself to be so much more than a place that fosters academic growth. We love the family-like atmosphere, the individualized attention that our children receive and the strong Catholic faith formation that is put into practice every day.
~ Kevin & Darlene FitzGerald